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Let's help animals together

Help a Paw is a free mobile application that let's you send emergency signals about animals in need.

As a result volunteers nearby (app users just like you!) will receive a notification and can provide help.

Help a Paw has helped rescue over 500 animals!

What can you do with the app?

Send a signal

You came across an injured animal, but can't offer help right now? Send a signal!

Get notified about nearby signals

Whenever there's a signal in close proximity, you'll get an instant notification.   If you are not able to help, maybe you can find others who can.

Provide help

Whenever you can - respond to the signal and provide help to the animal in need!

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Our team

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Founder & Main Engine

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Android Developer

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Marketing Specialist

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Start helping animals today!

Volunteer Positions

Save animals,  work on a cool project with a great team. 
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Senior Flutter Developer

As part of major refactoring of our app and moving to cross-platform we are looking for a few experienced Flutter developers to join our team and help us achieve this faster. As we all do this as volunteers in our free time, you will work very independently, so a solid previous experience (both with general SW development and with Flutter) will be needed.

Your profile
- 3+ years of software development experience
- 1+ years of experience working with Flutter
- Good grasp of Dart
- Experience with native iOS & Android is a plus

Your task
Rewrite the current native applications in Flutter :)

Our Offer
Being part of our volunteer team you'll get the chance to help save precious lives!   .

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We are looking for someone to take on all sorts of various roles as they come up.  Example projects include Website updates,  onboarding new volunteers,  and responding to support requests.

Your profile
- Solid experience with "office" software products such as Microsoft office or Google Docs/ Sheets/ Slides.
- Internet research skills (Google, Bard etc..)
- Self motivated

Some experience volunteering and working with a team is appreciated, but we will train on the specific tasks.

This position is not yet listed at VolunteerMatch, please use the Contact form to get in touch with us.

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